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For the bride who is looking for economical wedding florals, we offer a floral ensemble in REAL ROSES that is CUSTOMIZED by you.  And at a price that is LOWER than “grocery store” or “artificial”  flowers !  The price quoted is complete – includes tax/delivery in the Richmond, Henrico, Hanover, Chesterfield area.





ALL ROSES WEDDING PARTY PACKAGE for your wedding party and recreption needs

 For the bride who is looking for economical Bridal Party florals, we offer a floral ensemble in REAL ROSES that is CUSTOMIZED by you.  And at a budget conscious price that is similar to DIYing from the “big box grocery store” with none of the effort or anxiety.                            

                                  $545.oo  22 piece Family and Wedding Party Ensemble

                              This 22 piece ensemble may be customized. Please select from the following choices to make it uniquely yours

·         One or two  colors of fresh live roses –note -  this package is based on roses

·         One or two colors of Satin Ribbon to tie the bouquets and accent the corsages

·         Herringbone tie detail on the bouquet handles with or without bow and tails

·         Pearl or Rhinestone accents on the bouquet handles and/or in the rose centers

·         Baby’s Breath or Limonium floral accents  - can be included in any or all items

·         Complimentary assorted greens if desired


1  Bridal Bouquet with 24 Roses                                     1  toss bouquet with 8 Roses
1  Maid of Honor Bouquet with 16 Roses                        3  Bridesmaid Bouquets with 14 Roses
1  Groom’s Boutonniere with 2 Roses                             1  Best Man Boutonniere  with 1 Rose
3  Groomsmen Boutonnieres with 1 Rose                       1  Ring Bearer Boutonniere with 1 Rose
2  Father’s Boutonnieres with 2 Roses                            2  Grandfather’s Boutonnieres  1 Rose
2  Mothers Tussy Mussys with 3 Roses                           2  Grandmother’s Corsages with 3 Roses
1  Flower Girl Halo of Baby’s Breath                                1  large bag of petals for tossing


                                                                        Do you also need reception table arrangements ?

                                      ALL ROSES RECEPTION PACKAGE  $395


     10 table arrangements in one or two colors of roses arranged

in a glass vase with 12 roses in a vase, accented with baby’s breath

and assorted greens. Ribbon accent if desired.

Note – this is based on using roses in the packages.  Other florals such as Hydrangeas, Orchids, Peonies, or Calla Lillie’s may be added for an additional charge. Items can be added to the package for an upcharge. If you need fewer items, there will be a nominal price decrease. This is a limited time offer.  For additional packages or other types of florals with custom design service, please refer to our web site.

Were you considering a DIY for your wedding florals? Take a moment to consider the complexity of  such a project. There is a lot to think about before deciding to go the DIY route.  First of all, you will need ample refrigeration, particularly in the summer. In order to make the DIY cost effective and actually save money, you will want to order the blooms wholesale, or you will end up spending more than a retail florist would charge you. Are you willing to take a chance on a website to send you the correct quantity, in the right color, and on time? And once your florals arrive, you will need to know how to process the different flowers: i.e. which ones get their stems cleaned of foliage, which blooms go in flower food, which blooms need warm water and which cold, which need their stems cut or punctured or wired?  What will you do if they arrive less than fresh? Or arrive late and in the wrong color or quantity? Do you have a local source that will serve as a back-up if there is a problem? How about work space and the tools required – buckets, stem strippers, wire, floral tape, floral preserve, fixative, leaf shine, ribbon, twine, bouquet forms, boutonniere pins, etc. Do you know who will transport the florals to the venue and then set them up?  How much time will you be able to devote to the florals the day before the wedding for design, prep, and putting them together? Don’t assume your bridesmaids will want to do this. It takes a significant amount of time to make everything and it might not be such a fun thing just before the wedding when there are other things to do like hair, nails, and the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.

Let Stewart Berry Designs put together an economical package for you and leave the stress and effort to us!          804-379-5244